I need to get SR-22 insurance so I can get my driver’s license reinstated.  How long does it take to buy SR22 insurance in Colorado?

The process of actually purchasing SR22 insurance and getting your policy started is actually fairly quick once you choose a company to go with.  Searching for a company that offers SR22 insurance at affordable rates can be a challenge, especially if you have a poor driving record. Not all auto insurance companies in Colorado even accept drivers that require SR22 insurance, so you will definitely need to do some research. 

The best way to find SR22 insurance in Colorado is to compare quotes from a few different companies that provide SR22 filings.  There are some companies out there that specialize in SR22 policies and could possible offer you a cheaper rate.  Once you have found the company that offers you the best rate you should be able to get your policy started immediately either by paying a down payment or by making your first months payment.  Once your policy is active, the insurance company should file a SR22 form with the state and you should be able to get your driver’s license reinstated.  Depending on your unique situation you may be required to pay additional fees and fines before your license can be reinstated.

Free SR22 Insurance Quotes Colorado

Posted Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 2:51 pm
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