Cost of a DUI in Colorado

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

How much does it cost if you get a DUI in Colorado?

Getting convicted of a DUI in Colorado is not cheap, and there are numerous fines and fees that you will be required to pay.  Here are some of the costs that you might incur:

·         Bail: $200-$2,000

·         Towing: $100+

·         SR22 Insurance – $1,000+ extra per year

·         Legal Fees – $2,000+

·         Fines – $300+

·         Alcohol Education Classes – $500+

·         License Reinstatement Fee – $60+

·         Additional fees – $300+

As you can see, the costs of getting a DUI add up quickly and most people end up paying around $8,000 or more.  Remember, not all of the consequences of getting a DUI are monetary.  You could spend anywhere from 1 day to 1 year in jail and also have to do 48-96 hours of community service.  As you can see, a getting a DUI in Colorado can cost you upwards from $8,000, so make sure you think twice before you drink and drive.  These are just the costs for a first time offender.  If this is your second or third offense, the penalties will be much harsher and the fines much harsher.

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