Colorado SR22 Insurance Companies

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I need to get an SR 22 filing. Can I get Colorado SR22 insurance through my current insurance company?

That just depends on which company you currently have your auto insurance with. Some companies do not offer SR22 filing, so you should call your auto insurance provider and ask them if they have SR22 insurance and how much it will cost. You might find that your insurance company can file your SR22 form for you and get your SR22 policy started immediately, or you might find that the insurance company will drop your policy completely after you get a DUI, especially if you have a bad driving record already. Either way, you should still get SR22 quotes from a few different insurance companies to see who offers you the cheapest rate. You are not obligated to stay with your current Colorado auto insurance company if they don’t offer you the lowest SR-22 rate. Colorado SR 22 insurance can be expensive, choosing the wrong insurance company will only make things worse.

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